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Without your donations, the APS Foundation of America, Inc would still be just a support forum and informative website. We’ve grown immensely in the past 5 years and we hope, with your support, we will be able to continue to grow as a foundation and bring much needed awareness to APS.

Please note, we generally do our book keeping on a quarterly basis, which may delay the posting of donor names. Tina does our book keeping and she is also an APS & Lupus patient. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

We currently have 4 different levels of donors – Platinum ($1000 or more), Gold ($500 – $999), Silver ($100 – $499), and Bronze (up to $100). Please scroll down to see our wonderful donors!

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Donations of $1000 or more

JeriAnn & Joseph Kidd (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)

Donations of $500-999

Diane Lasala (memory of Charles Lasala)

Donations of $100-499

PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community (honor of Eric Nelson)
Anthony Andreani & Family (memory of Vincenzo Letterelli)
Mike & Irene O’Connor
Mark A Grove
Sue Ellen Yeagle
Alcoa Automotive Center (memory of Janell Lyn Abbott)
Theresa A Keiser (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
T L Ashford & Associates, Inc. (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Tina Marie Iacobucci Thompson (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Theresa G Riggs (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)

Donations up to $99

Tor Valenza
Samuel Eddy
Maureen C LaMountain
Alexander Thomas
Laurie O’Toole
Bart Burdick
Alan Hoezee
Kenneth Munao
Jeffrey & Stefanie Lapel
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Warner’s Originals (honor of Susan Quadarella)
Christopher Hayes (honor of Annamay Hayes)
Clorinda Sheridan (honor of Richard Nix)
Janice Andrews (memory of Heather Andrews)
JoAnn LaMountain (memory of Rita Gagnon)
James & Mary Larkins (memory of Patricia Sorro)
Judith Gagnon (memory of Rita Gagnon)
The Pampered Chef (memory of Patricia Sorro)
Christine N Garvin (memory of Patricia Sorro)
Greg & Teresa Hale (memory of Patricia Sorro)
Donna & Clarence Catterton III (memory of Patricia Sorro)
Deanna Rosario (honor of Richard Nix)
Christina Pohlman (honor of Richard Nix)
Walter Williamson (memory of Vincenzo Letterelli)
Barbara & James Dressman III (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Matthew & Jennie McCann (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Mark Trierweiler (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Lenihan Business Services (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
D & A Strietelmeier (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Jodi Strietelmeier (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Brian & Allison Holland (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Joseph & Eileen Walter (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Timothy W Voll (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Douglas & Marilou Singleton (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Mark & Cathy Wilcox (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Sheila Renne Deaton (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Amy E Fussman (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Sharon Cox (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Richard & Michelle Muck (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Tracy Henderson (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Douglas & Brenda Manfredi (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Mary Ellen & Michael McDaniel (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Tracy Henderson (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Kenneth & Sandra Smith (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Tina M Fuller (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Gail & George Ohr (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)

And All Our Wonderful Facebook Donors

Donations made in Memory of a loved one

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Charles LaSala

Diane Lasala
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Heather Andrews

Janice Andrews
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Rita Gagnon

JoAnn LaMountain
Judith Gagnon
Lillian E Emery
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Patricia Sorro

James & Mary Larkins
The Pampered Chef
Christine N Garvin
Greg & Teresa Hale
Donna & Clarence Catterton III
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl

JeriAnn & Joseph Kidd
Steven Vogelpohl
Theresa A Keiser
T L Ashford & Associates, Inc.
Tina Marie Iacobucci Thompson
Barbara & James Dressman III
Matthew & Jennie McCann
Mark Trierweiler
Lenihan Business Services
D & A Strietelmeier
Jodi Strietelmeier
Brian & Allison Holland
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe
Joseph & Eileen Walter
Timothy W Voll
Douglas & Marilou Singleton
Mark & Cathy Wilcox
Sheila Renne Deaton
Theresa G Riggs
Amy E Fussman
Sharon Cox
Richard & Michelle Muck
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe
Tracy Henderson
Douglas & Brenda Manfredi
Mary Ellen & Michael McDaniel
Tracy Henderson
Kenneth & Sandra Smith
Tina M Fuller
Gail & George Ohr
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Vincenzo Letterelli

Tony, Anna, Mario, Nancy, Anthony, Lorena Andreani & Family
Walter Williamson
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Janell Lyn Abbott

Alcoa Automotive Center

Our Mission

Founded in 2005, the APS Foundation of America, Inc. is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, public awareness, research, and patient services for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) in an effective and ethical manner.


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