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Without your donations, the APS Foundation of America, Inc would still be just a support forum and informative website. We’ve grown immensely in the past 5 years and we hope, with your support, we will be able to continue to grow as a foundation and bring much needed awareness to APS.

Please note, we generally do our book keeping on a quarterly basis, which may delay the posting of donor names. Tina does our book keeping and she is also an APS & Lupus patient. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

We currently have 4 different levels of donors – Platinum ($1000 or more), Gold ($500 – $999), Silver ($100 – $499), and Bronze (up to $100). Please scroll down to see our wonderful donors!

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Donations of $1000 or more

Michael Stollar
Bryon & Connie Pirtle

Donations of $500-999

Ryan Barnett
Karen Free & Matt Winzinek
Laurie O’Toole

Donations of $100-499

Tony Bohnert
Ahron Stock
B David Stollar
Cindy & John Pohlman
David Block
Diane Corbett
Frank Moss
Gregory Ambrosio
Jeanne Anderson
Mary Creekmore
Mary Studham
Priyanka Gopalakrishnan
Rahual Patel
Robert Schultheis
Susan Bailey
The Pink Angel
Laura Langham

Donations up to $99

Tonya Hannah
Terri Gilbert
LaVonne Hoing
Patricia Beggs
Carol Schulz
Carol Mack
Betsy Nichols
Judy Delegal Galloway
Target Corporation
Marcy Haworth
Karen Lee Wharton
Aaron Busath
Alanna Opal
Amanda Zeiger
Amy Hofer
Angie Zehr
Annell Grant
Barbara A Denmark
Becky Erickson
Becky Heidgerken
Becky L Runnels
Brianna O’Donnell
Brianna Wiatrak
Carol Ward
Carolyn Struble
Carrie Baker
Carrie Street
Casey Alwerdt
Cathy Miller
Celeste Taylor
Christine Lederhos
Christine Montgomery
Cindi Gall
Claudia J Cullen
Courtney Collins
Deanna Harrison
Deborah Gominiak
Debra Clark
Diane Dawson
Elizaeth Griff
Ericka Fernandez
Fay Leone
Fay Leone
Ginger Garten
Heather Chase
Isolde Parrish
Jamiee Varsalone
Jan Rowan
Jason Day
Jason Mealka
Jeanie Houston Watts
Jennifer Mitchell
JoAnne Faust
Joanne Wasak
Joleen Hastert
Joyce Sasso
Karen Trapani
Kathy Hinson
Katie Olson
Kayla Hamar
Kayla Harmar
Kim Sapone Benz
Krista Martin
Kristin Flippin
Kristina Cutter
Lauren Shea
Linda Burke
Linda DeWitt
Linda Garibay
Linda Huffmaster
Linda Parrish
Lorena Pena
Lou Ann Johnson
Mark Fisher
Mary Barnett
Megan Sloyer
Meghan McCann
Melanie Helms
Michael Standart
Michele Damato-Anton
Michelle Brown
Michelle Poynter
Michelle St Clair
Missy Spence
Monique Barajas
Nathan Miller
Nathan Temple
Niki Baker Plante
Patricia Cisneros
Patricia E Jones
Patricia Hastert
Patricia Howard
Paul Spina
Paula Vacca
Raquel Cardenas
Rebecca Aliff
Rocio Vargas
Sally Miksch
Sandra Jaeger
Shannon Usher
Sharon Postoak
Sharon Wight
Shellee Dill
Stacie Bruns
Stan Patiro
Sue Yeagle
Susan Bailey
Susan Ringo
Suzanne Knosp
Tamara Portillo
Thomas Stover
Tim Reed
Toni Ahem
Toni Kinnard
Tonya Hannah
Trina Orear
Valerie Roczynski
Vanessa Schaub
Yvonne Montanez
Anna Cox
April Matera
Barbara Denmark
Barbara Mundy
Gail Schuler
Heather Mihalko
Janet Wilcox
Karyn Lombana
Lindsey Inabnet
Mark Fisher
Martin Mark
Karie Neukomm
Edward Friedle
Dianne Weiser Freedman
Nicole Hock
Terri Atkinson
Tommie Radd

And All Our Wonderful Facebook Donors

Donations made in Memory of a loved one

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Kevin Robert Layseca

Karen Lee Wharton
Patricia Beggs
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Ashley Anne Owens-McClane

Tony Bohnert
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Jennifer Rose Kijak Schultheis

Karie Neukomm
Lindsey Inabnet
Diane Corbett
Anna Cox
Edward Friedle
Robert Schultheis


A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Kathryn G Moss

Frank Moss
A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Michael Creekmore

Mary Creekmore

Our Mission

Founded in 2005, the APS Foundation of America, Inc. is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, public awareness, research, and patient services for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) in an effective and ethical manner.


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