2021 APSFA Giving Tree

This tree holds a special meaning for the members of the APS Foundation of America, Inc. and the community it serves.  Since the Giving Tree has been such a big success in the past, we’ve brought it back to make it an annual tradition and our main end of the year fundraiser.

How it works: Donations are made using the buttons below the tree. There is an ornament or gift that corresponds with different donation amounts. Once you have made your donation, the ornament that you picked will be added to the tree. The Giving Tree starts out bare but as the month progresses, the tree is decorated with your generous donations!! At the end of the fundraiser our tree is beautifully decorated with ornaments and gifts are spilling out from beneath it.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know.

All giving tree donations (as long as they are completed by 12/31/21) are 100% tax deductible. Donations over $200 through PayPal will get a APS tote bag from our Café Press Store valued at $16.00 while supplies last.

Please scoll down past the tree to find the ornament selections and donate buttons. Or click here to jump there.

Thank you for considering the APSFA for your holiday donations and for your continued support!

Use the buttons below to make a donation. Please allow up to 5 business days for your donation to appear on the tree.

Thank you for your support!

$5 Donation to APSFA

Tina Pohlman  ♥  Heather Mihalko  ♥  

$10 Donation to APSFA

Nancy LaGrave  ♥  Tammi Grove  ♥  Michelle Stclair  ♥  Max Northup  ♥  

$20 Donation to APSFA

Michele Schaub  ♥  Kristi Maling  ♥  Kimberly Benz  ♥  Laurie Henderson  ♥  Hillary J Shade  ♥  Francine Bishop  ♥  Max Northup  ♥  

$50 Donation to APSFA

In memory of Michael Creekmore

from Amy Creekmore

In memory of Michael Creekmore

from Mary Creekmore

Vanessa Schaub  ♥  Ryan Hill  ♥  Jane & Ed Hoffman  ♥  Ellen Spina  ♥  Stephanie Johnson  ♥  Susan Oak  ♥  Dianne Weiser Freedman  ♥  Douglas Northup  ♥  

$75 Donation to APSFA

Michael Standart  ♥

$100 Donation to APSFA

In memory of Michelle Speiser

from S.I. Raphael Ltd, Inc.

Laura Langham  ♥  Paula Vacca  ♥  Bonnie Miller  ♥  Anne Sigmon  ♥  Terri Atkinson  ♥  Janet Cocchiarella  ♥  Rachel Sobel  ♥  David Hsu  ♥  Frances Brown  ♥  Douglas Northup  ♥  

$200 Donation to APSFA

In memory of John Bridges

from Mom, Dad, Ryan and Katie, Ally and Kai

Bryan Shade  ♥  Susan Bailey  ♥  

$500 Donation to APSFA

Ami A Parekh (x2)  ♥

Our Mission

Founded in 2005, the APS Foundation of America, Inc. is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, public awareness, research, and patient services for Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) in an effective and ethical manner.


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