Our Generous Donors

Without your donations, the APS Foundation of America, Inc would still be just a support forum and informative website. We've grown immensely in the past 5 years and we hope, with your support, we will be able to continue to grow as a foundation and bring much needed awareness to APS.

We currently have 4 different levels of donors - Platinum ($1000 or more), Gold ($500 - $999), Silver ($100 - $499), and Bronze (up to $100). Please scroll down to see our wonderful donors!

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Donations of $1000 or more

Jeriann & Joseph Kidd (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)

Donations of $500 - $999

The GE Foundation (memory of Richard A Larson)
Mashpee True Value (memory of Charles LaSala)

Donations of $100 - $499

Myra Rosen (memory of Jason Strauss & Rita Russakoff)
Jeffrey Hyde (memory of Richard A Larson)
Dickerson & Jennifer Miles (memory of Richard A Larson)
Donna M Fiammetta (memory of Richard A Larson)
Jennifer Dawkins Lewis (memory of Richard A Larson)
Susan Gearhart
PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community (Eric Nelson)
Diane Durec (memory of Richard A. Larson)
Theresa G Riggs (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Barbara & Wayne Beimesch (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Jack & Yve Fruhling (memory of Charles LaSala)
Robert Waldman
Jo Ann Colvin
Richard Klemm (honor of Michelle Klemm)
Craig Fetherston
Frances & Cletus Brown (honor of John Edward (Jack) Petersen)
Gurjit Sandhu
Gregory Thomas & Jane Core (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Margaret & Jeffery Metzger (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
D Jeffery Thomas (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Joyce Knudsen (memory of J Patrick Thomas)

Leslie Deshler
Joan & Watson Fearing (honor of Ken Fearing)
Guiseppe & Karla Calestini (memory of Charles LaSala)
Joe & Sally Donnells (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Rikki Herman
Timothy Buhite
Hoff Farms Inc.

Donations up to $100

Jerome Nipaver
Heather Coulter
Rebecca McClannahan
Laurie O'Toole
Cris Lindsey
Marcos Franco-Licona
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Fred Wolfe
Tammy Viola
John Steininger
Jennifer Finazzo
Tammy Spice
Marcia & John Winter
Angie Zehr
Christina Zierau
Clorinda Sheridan
Lois Allion
Denise Pool

Kathleen Zazula in honor of Magan McCarthy
John Amato (memory of Richard A Larson)
Peter Nicosia (memory of Richard A Larson)
Angelina Johnson-Brown (memory of Richard A Larson)
Leslie McDonald (memory of Richard A Larson)
John & Heather Spritzky (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Jane M Cranley (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Gary & Gina Butler (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Carol A Sprinkle (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Joseph & Eileen Walter (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Michael Lataille (memory of Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl)
Catherine L Ryan (memory of Leonard Sarnoff)
Irving & Nanette Sherman (memory of Leonard Sarnoff)
Dermott & Patricia McMorrow (memory of Leonard Sarnoff)
Anita Goldberg (memory of Leonard Sarnoff)
Lysa Ferrone (memory of Leonard Sarnoff)
Darron Copeland (memory of Richard A Larson)
Maura McNeil (memory of Richard A Larson )
Mary Jane Knudsen in honor of Patrick Thomas
Sharon & Stanley Caras (memory of Charles LaSala)
Arthur & Linda Barnstein (memory of Charles LaSala)
Rose M Foley (memory of Charles LaSala)
Myrna & William Elkins (memory of Charles LaSala)
W Albert Martin (memory of Charles LaSala)
Joseph & Mary Arcudi (memory of Charles LaSala)
Linda & Richard Salmon (memory of Charles LaSala)
Raymond & Joanne Manez (honor of Marioga Papaspanoudis)
Christina Pohlman (memory of Terri Smock)
Annell Grant (memory of my angel babies)
Kim Trow (honor of Dr. Julian Ambrus)
Robert & Mildred Long (memory of Ian Kennington)
Melanie Pate (memory of Avery & Jackson)
Mary & Michael Creekmore (memory of Michael B Creekmore II)
Martha Callaghan (honor of Emma)
Carolyn Bartuska (memory of Angela)
Donna Tracey (honor of Tom & his family)
Jennifer Spreigl (memory of my Angel Aiden)
James & Loretta Thomas (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Marlee & Brendan Flanagan (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Dennis & Jo Hone (memory of J Patrick Thomas)
Richard J Cook, Jr., Electricians, Inc. (memory of Charles LaSala)


Donations made in Memory of a loved one.

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Jessica Kidd-Vogelpohl

Jeriann & Joseph Kidd
John & Heather Spritzky
Jane M Cranley
Gary & Gina Butler
Carol A Sprinkle
Joseph & Eileen Walter
Theresa G Riggs
Barbara & Wayne Beimesch
Lawrence & Susan Gerwe
Michael Lataille

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Leonard Sarnoff

Catherine L Ryan
Irving & Nanette Sherman
Dermott & Patricia McMorrow
Anita Goldberg
Lysa Ferrone

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Richard A Larson

John Amato
Jeffrey Hyde
Peter Nicosia
Angelina Johnson-Brown
Dickerson & Jennifer Miles
Donna M Fiammetta
Leslie McDonald
Jennifer Dawkins Lewis
Darron Copeland
Diane Durec
Maura McNeil
The GE Foundation - Matching gift

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Charles LaSala

Jack & Yve Fruhling
Sharon & Stanley Caras
Arthur & Linda Barnstein
Rose M Foley
Myrna & William Elkins
W Albert Martin
Joseph & Mary Arcudi
Linda & Richard Salmon
Mashpee True Value
Richard J Cook, Jr., Electricians, Inc.
Guiseppe & Karla Calestini

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

J Patrick Thomas

D Jeffery Thomas
Joyce Knudsen
James & Loretta Thomas
Gregory Thomas & Jane Core
Margaret & Jeffery Metzger
Marlee & Brendan Flanagan
Joe & Sally Donnells




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