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Donations of $1000 or more

Donations of $500 - $999

PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community (Eric Nelson)
George King Bio-Medical, Inc

Donations of $100 - $499

James Hendricks c/o Time Warner Cable
Thomas Cox
Philip Terhorst
Richard Regius c/o Mako Realty LLC
Heidmar, Inc
Thomas Eichler
Michael & Joyce Simpson
Patricia Cherry - Sinsinawa Dominican, Inc
Carole Keith
Cindi Brookes
Watson & Joan Fearing
Dona Kelly
Gina Koenig
Frances & Cleatus Brown
Susan Baliey
Julie Markos
Thrivent Gift Multiplier Program (Julie Markos)

Donations up to $100

Kathy Nath
Julie Hymovitch
Suzanne duVair
Lois & Tony Allion
Lauren Mancuso
Beverly D Tewell
Karyn & Jaim Lombana
Rebecca Medley
Joanne Summa
Leah Scott
Heidi & Todd Ponagai
William Slindee
Annell Grant
Jennifer Bacon
Rebecca Ann Glenn

Ionne Mlenak Sitarski Giorlando
Susan D. Portelance
Alma Mowday
Meg Cocroft
Jennifer & Mike Spreigl
Alissa Fuller
Cindy Wilson
Julie & Todd Emmell
Julianne M Gapp
Christina Pohlman
Milt & Betty Wisler
Edward & Jane Hoffman
Gary & Becky Hough
Elaine McGonagle
Edna C Bobbitt

Microsoft Giving Campaign - The TK Group Inc
(in honor of William Heinson)

DBJP Fitness, Inc DBA Curves
The Roline Corporation (in honor of Mark Hackley)
Elizabeth Robison
Susan Portelance
Beth Heard
Caroline Long
Karen Thiel
George Sanchez
Heather Anderson
Jennifer Spreigl
Myron & Karla Scott

Mary & Mike Creekmore, Sr.

Donations made in Memory of a loved one.

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Debbie Cherry

Michael & Joyce Simpson
Patricia Cherry - Sinsinawa Dominican, Inc
Alma Mowday

The Zinn Family

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Rebecca Farley

Larry & Reida Cox
American Lumber Distributors & Brokers, Inc.

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Thomas R Sparks

William & Marlene Sparks
Majorie Lingrel
Shauna Ward
Eric Nelson
Pamela Straley
James Beardsley
Darrell Bragg
Michelle Rubin
James Maggio
Jeremy Heard
Addison Kilibarda
Myra Friedman & Ralph Fullerton
Jeremy Heard
James Maggio
Marla & Mike Beeson
Barbara & Leonard Berenfield
St. Elizabeth Church, SVDP
Victor & Carol Warmerdam

Regina Langen & John Okuley
Perry County Conference, SVDP
Barb & Emily Mathews

David & Beth Gervers
Jordana Cohen
Catherine Willard
Judith Hook
Sister Fran Repka, RSM (Mercy Professional Services)

Seton Parish Conference, SVDP
Copper Run Capital, LLC
Susan J Ford
Marilyn Dougherty
Charles & Margaret Kielkopf
Louis & Gwen Paulsen
John W McNamara
Ginni Ragan
Ronald & Karen Brown
Jean & Augustine Bertino
Thomas McCormick III
William & Catherine Dotzauer
St. Andrew Parish, SVDP
Terrance J Kukor, PhD & Netcare Forensic Psychiatry Center
Kathryn Ligocki
Mr & Mrs Jehone Preza

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Ian Patrick Kennington

Robert & Mildred Long
James Cole

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Jason Strauss

Tarra Dodaj
Jesse Cugliotta
Myra Rosen
Jonathan Ragals
Christopher Pensiero


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