APSFA Newsletter "Antiphospho...What?"

The APSFA publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Antiphospho...What?". Each newsletter contains articles written by our medical advisors, patient stories and other related articles. We work hard to ensure that our newsletters contain up to date and cited articles. We also feature foundation news as well as events that are happening in the APS commuinuty.

Newsletters are available for download below.

We can always use patient stories or articles written by APS patients - these include book reviews, recipes, articles written by family members/caretakers. If you'd like to write your patient story or an article for our newsletter, please scroll down or click here for our guidelines.


Download our Newsletter "Antiphospho....What?"


Volume 29 - Spring 2015



2013 Volume 28 - Winter 2013 Volume 27 - Spring/Summer 2013
2012 Volume 26 -
Fall/Winter 2012
  Volume 25 -
Spring/Summer 2012
Volume 24 -
Winter/Spring 2012
2011 Volume 23 -
Fall/Winter 2011
Volume 22 -
Summer/Fall 2011
Volume 21 -
Spring/Summer 2011
Volume 20 -
Winter/Spring 2011
2010 Volume 19 -
Fall/Winter 2010
Volume 18 -
Summer/Fall 2010
Volume 17 -
Spring/Summer 2010
Volume 16 -
Winter/Spring 2010
2009 Volume 15 -
Fall/Winter 2009
Volume 14 -
Summer/Fall 2009
Volume 13 - Spring/Summer 2009 Volume 12 -
Winter/Spring 2009
2008 Vol 11 - Fall/Winter Vol 10 - Summer/Fall Vol 9 - Spring/Summer Vol 8 - Winter/Spring
2007 Vol 7 - Fall Vol 6 - Summer Vol 5 - Spring Vol 4 - Winter
2006 Vol 3 - Fall Vol 2 - Summer Vol 1 - Spring  


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You can download it by clicking here.



Many APS patients find it comforting to read other patients’ stories and find out that they are not alone in their disease. We always include at least 2 patient stories in our quarterly newsletters.

We strive to bring you the best newsletter that we can each quarter. In order to do so, we need patient stories and stories of interest from APS patients and their loved ones.

Topics can be from how APS affects you, poems you have written, tip and tricks that help you get through your day, to your favorite recipe. We are also taking book reviews of publications listed on our suggested reading page at: http://www.apsfa.org/publications.htm

Please follow our current guidelines when submitting an article:

Please use previous patient stories as your guideline.  They can be found above.


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