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Donations of $2500 or more

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Donations of $501 - $1499

Lois & Stephen Butcher

Donations up to $500

Ruth Hagood
Sadie Monterio
Jessica Mull
Bobby Williams
John & Elaine Pohlman
The Binding Site, Inc
Julie Hymovitch
Schneider Piano Services
Lynn Manchester
Charles Strickler
Kristen Anderl
Marsha Kelner
Elaine Chipurn
Taunya Rpss
Melissa A Erschen
Angela M. Key-Gamboa
Mindy Bailey
Andrea Keller Helsel
Jacqueline L Bennett
Nan Ehemann
Christine Mohrfeld
Cynthia Harden

Jennifer Hostettler

Elaine McGonagle
Tina Pohlman
Robin Gibson
Dennis Parrish
Kristen Kinder

Judith Palladino
Fred Wolf

Allison Ford
Judy Smith
Pamela Cavallaro
Kristie Farris
Maria Sanchez
John Peteraf
Candace Czernicki

Kathleen Williams
Francine Bishop
Fred Wolfe
Marsha Kelner
Douglas J Fleming
Julie Schumann
Karyn & Jaim Lombana
Tauyna Ross
Paula McDonald
Diane Engelson
Willene Keith
Lyn R Bailey
Dawn M Dreppard
Shelley Emslie
Sue Hecht
John Oponik
Victoria Stalcup
Mary Asmar
Ruth Hagood
Richard Collett
Heather A. Ennis

Network For Good

Bry Myown
Lynn Alexander
Angelina Alicia Page
Roz Martin
Shawn Hunsinger

 Kim Trow
Sarah Williams
Constance Gilbert

Ileana Silva-Barrera
Sarah Zito
Teresa Allen
Nancy Broussard
Karri Wilson
Anne Sigmon

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
J Michael Dzuba in honor of Marcia Winter
Kathleen H Murphy
Penney Clark

Lynn Alexander
Linda Sorenson
James Hendricks c/o Time Warner Cable
Michelle Berens
Mary S Guillory
Jennifer Azqueta
Guadalupe RendonMartinez
Judy Binkley
Francis Dye
LeeAnn Smith
Theresa R Evans
William Kuzmik
Brenda Ernst
Adina Beltran
Ann W Moser
Tina Peirick
Jessica Ernst
Marcia & John Winter

Kristen Bartholow in honor of Bonnie Miller
Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign in honor of Alanna Opal

Microsoft Giving Campaign - The TK Group Inc in honor of William Heinson

PG&E Corporation Campaign for the Community in honor of Eric Nelson

Charles Strickler in honor of Kim Penberthy, PhD
Peter & Jodi Marmerstein in honor of Kim Penberthy, PhD
Sandra & Robert Whinnem in Honor of Dana Stuart (Skydiving for APSFA)
Fraces Egan

Cindi Lang
Heidi & Todd Ponagai
Samantha Carr
Sara Heggen
Gina Koenig
Jane Wilkins

Legacy Sound Contracting
Sandra & Robert Whinnem
Francine Bishop
Robert Long
Anna Stephen
Heather Anderson
Frances Woollam
Betty & Milt Wisler
Paul Williams
MaryAnne Peterson
Jennifer Spreigl
Cletus Brown

Donations made in Memory of a loved one.

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Jennifer von Beck

Anne Weiss
Eric von Beck
The Everyone Welcome Community Choir

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of

Jeanne L. Maurer

Danielle Deck
Alan & Susan Preis
Helen Hirschberger
Richard & Dawb Thoma
Mark & Anne Devestern
Linda & Charles Clarke
Salvatore & Jeanine Megna
Philip & Clara Mulcahy
George & Judith Giatras
Maureen & Jeffery Mostwill
French & Parrello Associates, PA
Jennifer Tarsney
Amy Yonowitz

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Martha Babb Strunce Walsh

JoAnne Armstrong-Jones
Howard & Nancy Lee Allen
John & Marjorie Glover

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Stella Gunther

Kenneth Gunther

A donation was made by the following in loving memory of
Robert Musicant

Elizabeth & Erwin Ruckel
Gail & Edward Tomberg
Stacy & William Harris
Barbara & Keith Andersen
Dolores Enright


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